Potato pizzas you have to try – By Liz Sheehan

Is there any job WA potatoes can’t do? Their mild flavour makes them the perfect supporting cast on a pizza. While traditionalists thumb their nose at pineapple as a topping, they can’t argue potato doesn’t belong. “Pizza con patate” has been kicking around Naples for centuries.

Lucky enough to have left over roasties after a Sunday dinner? Chuck those babies on a pizza the next day, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on some fresh rosemary, chopped garlic and just a touch of mozzarella, and you’ve got the perfect pizza bianca.

Most pizzerias are BYO, so grab a bottle of pinot noir from the Great Southern or South West regions and head off to try these places.

Amore Mio Pizzeria

279 Guildford Rd, Maylands

Many people have probably driven past this little unassuming pizzeria on Guildford Road. Inside, red and white checked tablecloths set the tone… it’s cosy, welcoming and homely.

The pizza dough here is left to slowly rise over a couple of days before being hand-stretched and baked on stone.

The pancetta and patate pizza sounds simple on paper but it will have you closing your eyes as you chew and wishing you were in Italy without a care in the world. Sitting atop a mozzarella base is thin slices of pancetta punctuated with crispy garlic and rosemary baked potatoes.

Head chef and owner Francesco Deiana gravitates towards the dutch cream potato for its firmness but when they’re not available the royal blues get a run.

If a hefty pizza is more your style, try the suprema. This big boy is also graced with the rosemary baked potatoes. Gluten free eaters can be rest assured they’re well looked after too, with chef Francesco making sure the dough is the same weight and equally as delicious.

Neighborhood Pizza

7 Anvil Lane, Mt Hawthorn

Starting as a bit of an underground operation down a Mt Hawthorn laneway, Neighborhood Pizza was the kind of place that quickly became popular by word of mouth. If you knew…you knew. They’re still down the same laneway, just with better signage. Inside there’s a semi-industrial feel with long communal tables and pizza so good you’ll still tell all your mates.

A bianca base is topped with paper thin slices of royal blues and sweet potato. Sprigs of rosemary decorate the top with the slightest shower of mozzarella to hold it all together. It’s all about the potato on this baby but the best part? A drizzle of maple syrup. There’s no denying sweet and salty is a winning combo.

If you really want to add a kick, do as the New Yorkers do and sprinkle on some chilli flakes.

Pizzeria Da Leo

Balcatta, Wembley and Dianella

This one pizzeria that has really lent into adding potato to pizza with several choices on offer, including one topped with chippies.

Diners can expect to see potatoes accompanying Italian sausage, chicken or porchetta. The dough is made in the traditional Napoli style and lovingly hand stretched to order.

Italian parmesan, cream, slow cooked porchetta, rosemary roasted potatoes, the tiniest, sweetest basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil make up one of the offerings. This was one well executed number with its savouriness and ratio of potato to porchetta spot on.

We love that the rosemary roasties are an option to include on any pizza. With only a few dine in tables, booking ahead is best.

Pizza Mates

207 Jones St, Balcatta

When two blokes from opposite ends of Italy become best mates and achieve their dream of opening a pizzeria, you bet the result is going to be a straight-up win. Pizza Mates is mainly a takeaway operation, but there’s a handful of tables for dine-in and the staff go out of their way to be welcoming.

A fior di latte base is topped with chunks of skin-on potato, sweet caramelised onion and italian pork sausage.The fennel from the sausages really shines on this one and the base is crispy in all the right places. WA royal blues feature here and in their homemade gnocchi. These are good Italian boys after all!

Vegetarians are well looked after, with a baba ganoush base, vegan cheese, roasted spuds and pumpkin with a drizzle of truffle oil. Gluten free diners can also expect the same love and care with homemade bases also on offer.

If you have room, order a bueno bomb or bueno pizza for dessert – they’re worth the calories!

Maestro Sourdough Pizza

111 Flora Tce, North Beach

We’ve heard of pandemic babies, but here’s another beauty born from the lockdown – Maestro Sourdough Pizza. During 2020, Andrea Brunelli started making pizza for friends and family from his home and as WA gingerly opened up, Maestro threw open its doors in North Beach.

For the pizza dough, Andrea uses tried and tested Neapolitan techniques combined with new world methods. The sourdough is left to rise for about 80 hours before it’s cooked at super high heat for a short amount of time.The result? A crust that is bubbled, crunchy and chewy in all the right places.

Fior di latte makes the base of the Angry Chicken pizza. It’s topped with marinated chook, bite size chunks of roasted royal blue potatoes, dollops of BBQ sauce and a drizzle of extra virgin. It’s sweet, salty, smokey and brilliant.

Here’s a tip, trust us when we say to order the crocché to start – what’s not to love about deep fried mashed potato, mozzarella and homemade aioli. Oh… and you can get these on top of a pizza too.