Potato Hub Photo Bbq Spuds

Summer time is BBQ Time!

When the temperature starts to rise and the house gets too hot to cook, it’s barbie time!

Potatoes are an amazing addition to your BBQ and the best thing is that you can minimise the clean up too with some simple tricks!

1. Cook with gourmet/baby sized potatoes
2. Cook them in a foil and baking paper package so they steam fast and you don’t have any dishes! OR
3. Parboil or microwave, then pop them on kebab sticks to grill

Make sure to BYO spuds on your holidays too – or pick some up on your way. They are so quick and easy to prepare on the go.

Check out our delicious recipes that are sure to please the whole crew:

BBQ Potatoes with Chorizo, Lemon, Smoked Paprika & Mojo Verde

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BBQ Potato and Salmon Skewers

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Moroccan Spiced BBQ Potatoes

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