WA Potatoes

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Thanks to our 70 potato growers, WA is the only state to get its potatoes freshly delivered 365 days a year. This means WA families and retailers get fresher, better quality potatoes (that taste better) for a great price. We like to think we’re supporting the health and well being of all West Aussies who, by buying WA grown!


Most of our growers are family growers. Some are even 2nd and 3rd generation. And you’ll find them all over the southwest region of WA, ensuring a supply of fresh grown potatoes today, tomorrow and the day after.

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Potato Growing Regions

Northern Busselton / Marybrook Myalup Manjimup / Pemberton

Seed Potato Growing Regions

Bornholm / Elleker / Young Siding

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Albany’s unique climate and soil conditions create the perfect environment to grow seed potatoes. In WA all our seed potatoes are grown right here, which means all our potatoes are 100% West Australian from seed to plate.