Good for your budget

Eating well on a budget can be a challenge.
Look to potatoes as an excellent option to provide nutrition and versatility while being cost-effective and delicious.


Here are some of the reasons we recommend
spuds to help you save:

1. Potatoes provide a lot of nutrition for your investment – research1 has shown that fresh potatoes provide some of the highest nutrition per cost.


2. Potatoes are versatile and can be cooked in a myriad of ways – you never have to get bored of potatoes – just check out our HUGE recipe database!


3. Potatoes keep you satisfied – potatoes have been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer than other carbohydrate sources – a great way to prevent overeating as reported in Women’s Health magazine2.


4. Potatoes last longer in your pantry – that’s right – as a hard veg, if stored correctly, potatoes can last in your cupboard for a couple of weeks or more, so you can stock up when the price is right. Check out our article on how to store your spuds for tips.

For even more savings, look for seasonal specials at your local fresh food store, buy in bulk for volume savings (maybe you can share with friends or neighbours), and get to know your local farmers and market stalls. Check out our great tips on where to buy in Perth for more ideas.

Make sure to check out our 10 Recipes for Under $10 FREE e-book too for mouth-watering meal ideas on a budget thanks to Chef Sophie Zalokar.