How To Store Potatoes

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We have a few little tips which help you improve the life-span of your potatoes, keeping them fresher for longer.

Potatoes are commonly known to be a long-lasting vegetable in the cupboard, but often they can sprout, causing them to lose their freshness. Storing them correctly will ensure you have tasty potatoes to enjoy every day.

Now, let’s go on with what to do to keep those good carbs fresh:

Inspect your potatoes

Start by inspecting your potatoes, you want to ensure you’re putting only the best quality potatoes into your cupboard. Having the best quality potatoes stored is essential to making them last. WA Potatoes go from farm to fork in less than 48 hours so we’re sure you’ll have no issues finding some great ones!

Find the perfect storage spot

Find a cool, dark place to store your potatoes. It could be under the stairs or in a rack or cupboard which doesn’t receive too much sunlight. If there’s no room inside, you can store them in a shed or any cool dry place.

Find the right storage container

When storing your potatoes, you want to make sure they’re in the correct kind of box/basket. A cardboard box will do perfectly. Otherwise, feel free to use a paper or mesh bag with good ventilation to allow the potatoes to breathe. Keeping them in a plastic bag will restrict the airflow and encourage the potatoes to produce moisture, creating sprouts and taking away the taste.

Check on your potatoes

Finally, it’s on to the maintenance phase. You should continually check on the potatoes and if any seem to be going soft, or they’re sprouting, make sure you remove them from the batch to prevent others from going bad. A quick reminder – sprouting potatoes can still be eaten and enjoyed! Just make sure they’re still fresh on the inside!

That’s our guide to keeping those potatoes for longer, although we think you’ll be going back to grab them ASAP for another great potato dish.

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