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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas with WA Potatoes

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas with WA Potatoes! 

As the champions of fresh potatoes in Western Australia, we’re here to make your back-to-school planning extra easy, tasty and nutritious. Known as “The Good Carb,” potatoes are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy.  So, we’ve whipped up a bunch of recipes that are perfect for lunchboxes. These dishes are packed with great taste and nutrients to fuel their busy school days!

1. Gluten Free Potato Frittata

Give your kids a protein boost with this tasty frittata. Made with fluffy eggs, fresh veggies, and our star ingredient – potatoes! Plus, you can perfectly portion into slices.  Click here to find the full Gluten Free Potato Frittata recipe.

Gluten Free Potato Frittata


2. Potato Power Puffs:

 These delightful little Potato Pesto and Broccoli Puffs are like potato clouds. They’re baked to golden perfection and packed with cheesy goodness. A perfect snack or lunchbox addition to keep those energy levels up! Grab the full Potato Power Puffs recipe.


Potato, Pesto and Broccoli Puffs

3. Potato and Rice Fritters:

 We’re taking potatoes to the next level with these fritters! Packed with filling and healthy ingredients, these fritters can be made to whatever size you like and served with dips – like aioli or tomato sauce. They’re so good; your kids will be saying, “I’m spudding for seconds!” Check out the Potato and Rice Fritters recipe today.

Potato and Brown Rice Fritters

4. Simple Potato Wraps

These wraps are a lunchbox hit! Loaded up with potatoes, spices, and cheese. They’re a balanced meal that’ll keep your kids fueled and smiling. Get creative with our Simple Potato Wraps recipe today.

Potato Quesadillas


5. Potato Bread

 You can’t beat home-made bread – and this potato bread recipe is the perfect canvas for your favourite flavours and toppings! Not only scrumptious but also loaded with nutrition. Find the Potato Bread recipe here.

Potato Bread


Remember, folks, potatoes are the “root” to a balanced diet. They’re not just a side dish; they can be the star of the show too! By incorporating these potato-packed recipes into your kids’ lunchboxes, you’re not only treating them to some tasty eats but also giving them a healthy boost to power through their school day.

Let’s make this school year the most “a-peeling” one yet!