potatoes being prepared for summer potato salad recipe

Summer Potato Recipes

G’day Potato Lovers of Western Australia!

As the heat cranks up, it’s time to turn up the spud-tastic vibes on your summer menu! Potatoes aren’t just for winter – they’re the secret ingredient to making your summer meals extra delicious and satisfying. So, grab your sunnies and let’s do a bombie into the world of spudventures under the WA sun.

1. BBQ Bonanza:

Fire up the BBQ and let the potato party begin! Slice them, dice them, and throw them whole on the grill – our spuds love a good BBQ sizzle. Why not try our recipe for BBQ Potatoes with 3 SummerDressings?
Sliced potato cooked on BBQ

2. Super Simple Summer Salads:

Summer calls for refreshing salads, and what’s a salad without the spuds? How about tossing in some perfectly roasted potatoes to elevate your salad game? Whether warm or cold, they add a delicious heartiness that turns your salad into a satisfying meal. Try this Trout and Leftover Roast Potato salad as a quick and easy option after your festive feast!

summer potato salad recipe

3. Spud Skewer Spectacle:

Impress your mates at the summer soirée with potato skewers! Alternate chunks or small potatoes with veggies, or seafood – then grill them to perfection to showcase your spud-tastic skewer skills. Here is a great recipe to get you started for BBQ Salmon and Potato Skewers!

potato skewers grilled on bbq

4. Cool as a Classic Potato Salad:

Whip up a classic potato salad that’s as cool as a dip in the ocean. Creamy mayo, zesty mustard, and perfectly boiled potatoes – it’s the quintessential summer side dish that complements any BBQ or picnic spread. Check out our Classic Potato Salad recipe!

Bowl of potato salad with olives and sun-dried tomato topping.

5. Picnic Potatoes:

Pack a spud-filled picnic basket for your outdoor adventures this summer! We recommend snack-tatoes – the baby spuds in the shops (sometimes are also called gourmet potatoes). Don’t forget the dip – it’s the key to potato happiness! These Bacon and Potato Skewers are ideal for cooking ahead and taking on adventures!

picnic bacon and potato skewers for summer

This summer, let the spud love shine bright in every dish you make. From beachside picnics to BBQ’s with your mates, versatile WA grown potatoes are here to make your summer meals not only delicious but also oh-so-satisfying. So, embrace the spud-tacular vibes, enjoy the summer sun, and let the potato festivities begin!

Remember, life’s better with a side of spuds. Happy munching! 🌞🥔🍟