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Get To Know Your Growers: The Bendotti Family

In 1930 the first Bendotti families arrived in Pemberton from Italy and started growing potatoes on just a few hectares of land. Now, with over 300 years of collective experience the Bendotti family has grown literally hundreds of varieties with a special focus on high quality processing types for the crisping and fry markets. Their production is now over 10,000 tonnes annually, manufacturing a wide range of products under the WA Chip and Bendotti Exporters brands as well as private labels.

Prior to 2002 Bendotti spuds were a sought-after product with potatoes being supplied to many local factories and exported to several large processors throughout SE Asia. In April 2002 the business extended their range, purchasing a French fry line locally. In subsequent years they invested approximately $10million in new processing equipment, to secure a future for potato growers in the south west of Western Australia.

Bendotti’s policy of continuous sampling of raw and processed products ensures only the highest standards of quality control are maintained. Their unique cooking system enables them to claim their French Fries are 97% Fat Free.

The Farms

The Bendotti’s own and lease many large properties in the Pemberton region, which is renowned for its rich, loamy soils and excellent annual rainfall. The Bendotti families also hold significant investments in beef cattle and engage in domestic and export activities.

Developing new potato varieties is also key to Bendotti’s success in the global and domestic marketplace and we are constantly importing, bulking up and trialling new varieties from around the world to help improve buyer and grower returns.

Growing Potatoes

Caring for the land is extremely important as it ensures continuous production of a high quality and high yielding crop, with minimal impact on the environment.

Producing potatoes with a higher nutrient density with minimal pesticide, fungicide and herbicide applications has been a priority plan for the Bendotti family for the past 7 years, with many potatoes now being produced through innovative techniques.

Bendotti potatoes are also farmed with rotation. This allows the land to re-build the nutrient and biological base required to maintain its natural balance. The harvested crop is then moved a short distance to Bendotti Exporters, WA CHIP, processing centre where they are washed and graded then either packed for delivery to market or used for the perfect tasting French Fry, and/or value-added products.


The Bendotti’s commitment to the industry and reinvestment in new state of the art equipment is ensuring that a premium product is produced for consumers. The current capital investment program will enable Bendotti Exporters to continue to streamline manufacturing, storage, and distribution in Australia and around the world and provide markets with consistently high-quality produce year-round.

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Where to enjoy WA Chip chips?

WA Chip sell to the food service industry, servicing restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and more as well as to international markets. You can try them for yourself at a range of venues, or by contacting one or our WA distributors to buy direct.


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