Potato Hub Photo Grand Lane

Grand Lane Fish House

When the WA Potatoes team heard that there was a fish and chip store serving locally grown, twice cooked hand-cut chips in the Perth CBD, we knew we had to check it out. 

Paul Joyce heads up the inconspicuous Grand Lane Fish House, tucked behind a travel shop, down a short laneway in the Perth CBD. The venue is easy to miss, but due to it’s loyal following and focus on quality is currently listed as number 2 of 138 Quick Bites in Perth on Trip Advisor and has 4.8 our of 5 stars on Google. 

We got chatting to Paul and it quickly became clear why the business is such a success.  The menu is short, but the emphasis on quality is big. Paul is passionate about serving great food and offering an experience which his loyal customers, and regular visitors from overseas obviously enjoy. 

Maris Piper potatoes, sourced from Pemberton, are the top choice for the amazing chips made at Grand Lane Fish House and are served in paper cones brought in specially from Belgium. The variety has a creamy white flesh and a fluffy texture that makes them flavourful and crunchy. 

Maris Piper is not a common variety in WA so shoppers would need to seek it out through specialty stores and farmers markets. However, we have some other great options available as Paul explains. 

“We make thousands of serves of chips every week, and each batch is hand-cut with the skin left on, then twice cooked in a special blend of cotton seed and sunflower oil to get the best crunch and flavour,” Paul said.

“If for some reason the Maris Piper’s are not available we request White Star as a great second option for our chips,” says Paul. 

Along with the amazing chips, Grand Lane serves up sustainable North Atlantic Cod, Haddock, Smoked Cod, Hake, Threadfin salmon and Barramundi, with homemade sauces including English and Irish curry sauce and homemade mushy peas. 

The shop also proudly serves up some of the best gluten free fish and chips we have tried, sourcing their batter mix specially from the UK. 

Another great element of this authentic business is the fantastic service and experience customers enjoy. Firstly through the adventure of finding the shop down a little laneway, then having great chat with Paul and his team before eating some of the best fish and chips you’ll ever have.