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Next-level air fryer potato chips

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When its comes to kicking your health goals – you can’t beat air frying for crunch, taste and low fat options. Ready-to-cook fries from the freezer section are great for a quick fix, but for optimum nutrition, making your own is easy and with a little prep, super satisfying.

First, make sure you pick a good quality machine with plenty of capacity, like one of the great options at Kitchen Warehouse. Their range has plenty of options that allow for frying food to crispy goodness with little to no oil required.

Next choose the right potato variety. We recommend red or blue skinned varieties or yellow flesh – such as Rodeo, Royal Blue or Spud Lite. If you aren’t sure what to pick, ask your local green grocer for guidance so you get the best potato for the job!

First, chop your potatoes into uniform size chips or dice to get the most consistent crunch.

Chef Don Hancey recommends “soaking peeled, washed and cut potatoes in cold water overnight to remove excess potato starch, preventing fries from sticking together and helping to achieve maximum crispness.” If you forget to prep overnight you can still get benefits from a soak of an hour or so. It’s a game changer!

Drain and pat dry your potatoes before adding a tablespoon of olive oil and mixing through with a spoon or your hands to get an even coating.

Start cooking as per your machine’s instructions but make sure to stop a few times to give the basket a good shake! The more potatoes you have the longer they will need to get evenly cooked.

Toss the cooked potatoes in a bowl and season to taste.

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Check out Kitchen Warehouse for air fryers and heaps more great kitchen goodies.