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Seven Ways With Mash Potato

When it comes to comfort, mash potatoes always delivers.

Warming and delicious, you can infuse your mash with a range of flavours to suit your mood and pantry, and perfectly compliment any dishes being served alongside.

In WA, the best variety for mash that is widely available is hands-down the Royal Blue potato or else we also have some great red-skinned varieties too. We recommend keeping the skin on to get as many nutrients as possible on your plate.

Start with cold water or steam your spuds for the best results. Do not over-work the potatoes at the end or they will turn gluey. Keep tasting as you go and add seasoning to get the perfect flavour.

Let’s get into it:

  1. Mash in minutes:

Sometimes you just need your mash fast!



  1. Aligot mash:

This recipe uses garlic and cheese – need we say more?



  1. Mash with chives and garlic:

Cream, chives and parsley, garlic and butter for the win.


  1. Light & fluffy mash:

Switch to vegetable stock to make this one vegan

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  1. Golden mash:

Featuring camembert cheese and pumpkin.

FP GoldenMashSage WEB 572x596


  1. Mash with herbs and garlic:

Try this one with your favourite herbs or whatever you have in the fridge.

FP MashHerbGarlic WEB 572x596


  1. Pesto mash

A little bit fancy, this recipe has flavour to spare.