Top potato breakfasts in Perth, by Liz Sheehan

Potato on a breakfast is no longer just a side dish or a bland frozen hashbrown chucked in a deep fryer. Perth chefs are getting inventive when it comes to using the humble potato and they’re making it the star of the show. Rostis are replacing sourdough, house-made hashbrowns have bumped toast and I’ll reveal a cafe that has the confidence to put a towering gratin on the brekky menu.

Here’s where to go for a breakfast in Perth where potatoes are anything but a boring side:

Finlay & Sons


917 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

The hashbrown at Finlays is a thing of legend. People line up at the coffee window just to order the golden triangles of fried potato as take-away – yep it’s that good.

Their version of eggs benedict is possibly the best thing on the menu. They’ve replaced the stodgy English muffin with a golden, crispy hashbrown made from all-rounder royal blue potatoes. This is also good news for gluten-free eaters – they can rejoice at being able to enjoy the full experience of delicious eggs benny.

Two hashbrowns big enough to wedge open a door are what dreams are made of. A delightfully crispy exterior gives way to soft, well seasoned potato mixed with chopped spring onion.  Buttery, yet tangy hollandaise clings to the gooey poached eggs and slightly wilted spinach adds a breath of fresh air. Finally, a sprinkle of fried capers on top adds a salty tang. Love.

Those who have a big appetite can add a slab (yep a 100 gram SLAB) of thick cut belly bacon.

Small batch roaster Twin Peaks Coffee supplies the beans, meaning you’ll be guaranteed a top notch cuppa.

Those in-the-know will tell you the Inglewood-end of Beaufort Street is where it’s all happening. Finlay and Sons is proof of that – add it to your must-visit list.



1 High Street, Fremantle

Paper thin sliced potato, cream and cheese – it’s the perfect trifecta and Chalkys in Freo’s West End serve a straight-up win with “The Hock.”

The dish is a bit of a spin on traditional eggs benedict, except two tower-sized slabs of potato gratin are the star here. Made with versatile royal blue potatoes, the gratin is seasoned to a tee and the cheesy crust from baking in the pan is lip smackingly good.

The gratin forms a base for a tangle of tender pulled pork, perfectly poached eggs and buttery hollandaise. Matchsticks of crispy apple add a touch of freshness and crunch.

Coffee aficionados will love the offering here, with Dukes Coffee Roasters supplying the beans.

With the historic Round House as a backdrop and good old fashioned friendly Freo service, Chalkys is a delight for breakfast any day of the week.

Holly Raye’s

Holly Rayes

3 James Street, Bassendean

Gnocchi for breakfast? With a side of hashbrown rosti? Holly Raye’s have thrown out the “breakfast dish” playbook with this creation and it’s a winner.

Gorgeous red ruby lou potatoes are used to make the hashbrowns. They’re the perfect choice for frying. Grated and seasoned with herbs, they are made like a rosti and then fried until golden and crunchy – ie hashbrown perfection.

French style gnocchi is made with choux pastry and cheese, then pan-fried to create little puffs of delight. Smoky bacon, meaty mushrooms are tossed through along with a classic sage and thyme butter. A fried egg on top is a hat-tip to breakfast.

If you have room for “breakfast dessert”, add a slice of one of the mouth-watering cakes to your order. No one regrets having cake. Coffee comes courtesy of West Aussie great Micrology roasters, but if it’s not your choice of morning beverage try something a little different like a red velvet hot chocolate or turmeric latte.

No longer the hidden secret it used to be, Holly Raye’s is Bassendean’s gem.

This article was written by Liz Sheehan, The Breakfast Confidential