Kid Friendly Potato Dishes

As we all know, kids can be hard to please when it comes to dinner time or any meal time at that. But we’ve got some suggestions which can turn tantrums into thankyous! Our recipes are simple, easy to make and will leave everyone with a smile on their face. Potatoes are an adaptable and undoubtedly tasty vegetable that provide much of the nutrition needed for ourselves and our children.

1) Potato Nests
Potato Nests can be cooked in only 25 minutes, and we know it’ll get the kids excited. A tasty mix of mash potato, topped off with garlic and onion infused beef! The great thing about the Potato Nests is that any leftovers could be made into a mini Shepperd’s pie for tomorrow night’s dinner.

2) Mini Pizzas
This is the all-time kiddy favourite, the Mini Pizzas! This quick snack which will have everyone jumping for joy. The best thing about the Mini Pizza is that the kids can customise them any way they want, adding different toppings each time. Whether it’s tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese or maybe ham and pineapple, there’s something to suit everyone.

3) Potato Quesadillas
From sliced to cooked within 20 minutes, the Potato Quesadilla is a quick mover so make sure you grab one while they’re hot! Perfect for entertaining or an easy lunch, these are just as tasty when they’re cold too, so you can always have them the next day. A quick tip is to leave the skin on – it is healthier and tastes great too!

4) Pizza Smash
Pizza smash will do the dash if you aren’t the first to the table with this one. Perfect with red or yellow potatoes, you can whip this up in no time. Just like the mini pizza, this recipe is customisable to taste and will have the kids asking for more.

5) Potato and Brown Rice Fritters
This dish is a real treat, with herbs and spices and halloumi cheese! The perfect addition to your lunchbox, these versatile fritters can also be the base for poached eggs, topped with avocado salsa or with home-made tomato sauce. Pair it with some dipping sauces to really get the crowd cheering!