Potato Dishes in Under 30 Minutes

We are all forever busy, and we all have a lot on our minds. That’s why at WA Potatoes, we have conjured up a vast range of potato dishes that can be whipped up on 30 minutes or even less!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, entertaining guests or if you just need to feed the kids after a long day, you can find all the inspiration and recipes on our website. Here are a few of our all-time quick recipes.

1) Potato Curry in a Hurry – Cooking Time 20 minutes First on the list is… you guessed it, potato curry in a hurry! As the name suggests, this is great for a last-minute meal prep to feed you or the masses throughout the week. Love a lazy Friday night takeaway? This recipe can be whipped up faster than the delivery guy can make it to your doorstep, plus this curry probably contains far less salt and sugar. This recipe is so quick and easy, plus it’s perfect to serve cold the next day with a drizzle of yoghurt dressing!

Potato Curry

2) Crispy Baked Potatoes with Avocado and Tomato Salsa – Cooking Time 20 minutes This is a perfect dish for when you have some friends over or just want to make something a little special for a snack! Layered with beautiful ingredients like avocado, tomatoes, shallots… or whatever else you can think of. This dish goes perfectly with red or blue potatoes.

Potatoes Images Saturdatoes

3) Breakfast Potato Rosti – Cooking Time 15 minutes For a quick and easy brekky shake-up, you can’t go past the breakfast potato rosti. A great way to get your daily serve of potatoes in! Throw on a side of bacon, or maybe even some grilled tomato for the perfect compliments to a tasty quick dish. A little tip is to save the potato peel and use to make crispy skin chips!

Potato Rosti

4) Mini Pizzas – Cooking Time 25 minutes Mini pizzas are a true kid favourite! This is a perfect easy dish to keep the kids fed on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The best thing about these (besides how quick and easy they are) is that the kids can customise these any way they want with topping of their choice. Goes perfectly with red or blue potatoes.


5) Mash in Minutes – Cooking Time 7 minutes(link) The ultimate mash in minutes! Leaving the skin on, simply prick potato both sides with a fork and place in microwave on high for seven minutes. At four minutes, turn potato over and cook for remaining three minutes on high. Carefully remove hot potato, cut into quarters and place in a bowl to mash. Place milk and butter into the microwave and heat until warm. Combine ingredients and mash with potato masher to a fluffy consistency. It’s really that easy!

Quick potato mash